Zynga Lays off 520 people; Asks Friends to Help out on the Farm

AllthingsD reports that Zynga lays off an additional 520 people, shuttering their New York and LA offices.  

I really don’t think this is anything people didn’t expect.  Zynga has had nothing but problems since their IPO, seeing huge fall offs in sales.  More than that, they shuttered their New York offices and their LA offices.  It’s a total workforce reduction of 18%, which is huge.  I hope all those affected by the layoff find work quickly.  It’s a shame that this is a trend we are seeing more and more often in the gaming world, and I’m really hoping it doesn’t become the norm.

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Game Publishers Oppose DOMA

EA Rainbow
EA Rainbow from EscapistMag.com

Three game publishers oppose DOMA by signing the amicus curiae (friend of the court).  As the article on The Escapist says, EA’s reasons are both moral and pragmatic, citing both making same-sex couples second classes citizens, and couple that with the beaucratic nightmare that same-sex couples create for companies, along with the problems of crossing state lines and one state honoring a same-sex marriage, and the other not–it’s a mess.  It’s at once heartening to see some companies take a stand against such a clearly biased piece of legislation, but at the same time a little disheartening to that only 3 game industry companies made the effort.  Others that we might have expected have remained silent on the subject.  Still, it’s something.

The 3 publishers join just shy of 300 other US companies who also signed the Amicus curiae to have DOMA repealed.   DOMA’s controversial wording legally defines marriage as between a man and a woman, which as you can imagine makes same sex marriages challenging.  There are only a few states that allow same sex marriages, and many of same-sex opponents site DOMA as reasoning for not allowing same-sex marriages in their states.  Revoking the DOMA would go a long way to promoting true equality under the law in United States.

I know for this gaymer and his gaymer partner, the sooner that this ridiculous piece of legislation dies, the better.






Via: The Escapist

A Few Facebook Related Articles …

While considering myself an avid gamer, I have never played a Facebook game.  I’ve been slightly intrigued to do so, but I haven’t really cared enough to do more than attempt to look up information about various games, gave some feedback on the development of a new social game, and that was it.

So it’s really more with a kind of academic interest that I look at the Facebook move to a universal credit system across all the games — the Facebook Credit.  In reality, it makes sense to be able to move currency between games and even between developers.  It’s no doubt that sleaze-dev (in my totally, utterly and completely unbiased opinion cough ) Zynga had a few choice words to say, which is pretty much implied in the IndustryGamers article about it, which states that there “tense” negotiations between Facebook and Zynga.

Speaking of Zynga, staying true to their sleazy reputation, is now going after developer “Blingville” for trademark infringement over the letter combination, “ville.”  Which is pretty ridiculous no matter how you slice it.  It’s been my (admittedly somewhat meager understanding) that you cannot trademark pieces of words – even Frankenstein’d works like “Farmville.”  Anyway, not at all surprising from a company with a repuatation as slimy as Zynga.

Via IndustryGamers: Facebook Confirms Plans to Make Credits the Mandatory ‘Universal Currency’
Via IndustryGamers: Zynga Tries To Enforce ‘Ville’ Trademark

Google in Talks with Social Game Makers

There’s an article over on ArsTechnica about Google, Inc. talking to some of the biggest name in social game makers — presumably to help with their new social platform which as of yet unnamed, but which there’s some unconfirmed speculation will be called Google Me.  Not much else there at the moment, other than it’s poised to be a competitor to Facebook, but not a Facebook clone.

Check it out:
Google social gaming service reportedly in the works