Silicon Sisters’ COO Interview

Silicon Sisters Logo

Over at Ars Technica is a brief interview with the COO of Silicon Sisters’, a Vancouver-based game developer “by women, for women,” Kirsten Forbes. The article is brief and not very detailed in terms of what the developer is working on, but does help shed some light on their vision for the company and what kind niche it hopes to fill in the coming months.

Forbes states within the interview that, “There is no desire Silicon Sisters to exclude males.  There’s just a desire to explicitly include females.”  That’s a pretty important distinction and puts a pretty positive tilt on what the company hopes to achieve–gaming with women in mind, but not at the exclusion of men.  Hit the throwback to read the whole interview.

Silicon Sisters: gamer women for women gamers

Vaginophobia – via The Escapist

Girl with an Apple

Girl with an Apple

Over on the The Escapist, there’s an article by game journalist Michael Thomsen called “Vaginophobia,” which tackles the oft-commented portrayal of women (and more importantly femininity) in video games.  This topic lies close to my heart because I wrote an undergraduate thesis of the portrayal of women in science fiction movies from the perspective of gender.  Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to write about this. Continue reading “Vaginophobia – via The Escapist”