Study Investigates Game Loyalty in MMO Market

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have concluded that the way to get ahead in the MMO business–give players more control over their online personas while providing opportunities for collaboration, citing things like more elaborate chat and guild systems to allow greater levels of collaboration.  The study also states the games should provide players equal opportunity to win a battle, which actually goes against mainstream gamer thought and the special snowflake mentality.

There’s a bit more in the article, but it’s mostly … kind of common sense to me.  The games that have the greatest followings allow players to collaborate extensively and customize their avatar to the Nth degree.  The most I can make the experience my own, the more loyal and devoted to the space I will be.  I know a large part of the reason I stopped playing WoW was because I lost both these things – A strong, fun guild and the feeling that I could control how I played.  Off topic a bit, but I also believe the the ability to fail and screw something up is integral to a good game experience.  Playing God is rarely engaging.

Anyway, hit the link bellow to read a bit more about it.

Via: Level Up: Study Reveals Keys to Gamer Loyalty