Tera goes F2P in February

Tera goes f2p
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Well, I don’t think anyone can say they didn’t see this one coming — Tera is going F2p (Free to play) come February.  The game has suffered from low subscription numbers since launch, and with the game going F2P in other regions, it’s no surprise that’s going that way here state-side.

The game launched in May of 2012 to mixed reviews.  The game featured some promising innovations, like active combat instead of tab-targeted action bar button mashing and an interesting political system.  The games new features were fun, but were quickly buried under the repetitive game play and grind-y level experience.  Ultimately, it’s this grind-y experience that cause most people to leave the game.

Tera has some stunning visuals and the game play is fun, but if the game hopes to continue to have even a niche market, the F2P is a no-brainer.  I jumped in over the weekend to discover my account had been reactivated, and I picked up my level 30-ish Mystic.  The game play is still great fun, but I’m wondering how long I could play again before the grind starts to get to me again.

Hopefully this move will help turn the game around for En Masse and Blue Hole.  Diversity is always a great problem to have, and the game has a ton of potential, but they definitely need to fix the overly grind-y feeling of the game.  Hopefully, as Tera goes F2p, they can build enough revenue to fix some of the issues with the game.


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Tera Wars – The Old Republic

Totally PennyArcade — and amazing

I’ve played all of these, and I totally agree with PA on this (except maybe the SWTOR piece – I found SWTOR to be pretty bland in a lot of ways.)  But Guild Wars 2 and TERA, even those two games frankesteined together would be great. 

Check it out over at PennyArcade – it’s been up there a few days, but it definitely bears going to check out and read again.