Diablo 3 Beta Imminent?

Looks like Blizzard might be on the cusp of opening the beta for Diablo 3….ya know, soon(tm).  A press release went up on battle.net detailing how to get into the beta, and the common questions about the beta, which is pretty standard fare as it goes.

Exciting stuff — only been waiting for a year for this game, eh?

If past experience with Blizzard is an indication, I think we can probably expect to see the beta invites going out within the next couple weeks.  As to whether Diablo 3 will launch this year — I think chances are good they are aiming for the golden goose of releases – the ever-desired holiday release.

I’ll keep posting as I hear more….and hopefully I’ll get an invite and can post lots of pictures and whatnot.

Via Battle.net Diablo 3 Beta Announcement