Glitch Closing Down

From the Closing Announcement and FAQ – Also, the saddest picture ever

Sad news indeed.  The great browser MMO, Glitch, is closing down on December 9th to never re-open it’s doors.  The studio behind Glitch, Tiny Speck says that there was just never enough interest in the game to keep it going.  In the game, you control your “glitch” and run around a world without combat, a total sandbox.  Skills were developed in real time, you had a house, a yard, and the game was mostly focused on crafting.

In what seemed like a good move at the time, Glitch moved back into beta almost a year ago to change some of the basic game play elements, and several weeks ago moved back out of beta status without so much as a peep.  I can’t help but think this is why.

The game was unique, quirky, and fun in an industry that does best by doing the same over and over.  I played Glitch quite a bit.  While it wasn’t an all the time kind of game, it was a game I loved to pop in and check out from time to time.  It’s the kind of place that made me smile just by wandering around in.

You can’t sign up through the general public anymore, but I still have a few invite keys if anyone wants to play this crazy, beautiful game before it’s gone.

It’s a sad day.  Glitch, you will be hugely missed.

Via: A Sad Announcement from Tiny Speck