Haven’t forgotten about you!

So I haven’t forgotten about writing — I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks with the holiday, the design of a new site, and I’m doing a side project around the closing of glitch.  I should be back on my normal writing track next week though.


Guild Wars 2 ate my life

So yeah, Guild Wars 2 ate my life, so I haven’t been posting — either here or over on Loud and Pithy.

Hopefully, I’ll come up for air here eventually (maybe just enough to post an article or two, we’ll see).

But yah, if you haven’t you should definitely look into playing Guild Wars 2 – great great game.  So much fun and definitely rekindled for me what made me fall in love with MMOs to start with.

This is an issue, it needs to stop.

I posted an article over on my other blog, “Loud and Pithy” a few days ago about the bigotry and harassment in games and game communities.  Take a jaunt over there — let me know what you think.  It’s not chocked full of answers, but rather just … a need to say something about the games.

Updates Inbound

Well, now that I’ve finished grad school (assuming I passed those last 2 classes) I now have the time to do a migration/update.  While Blogger is a great platform, I’ve been itching to get onto WordPress for a while now, I just haven’t had the time to put into developing the theme and layout.  Now that I have more time, that’s my priority numero-uno. 

So I’ll continue to write, and add things, but I’m going to making the switch here hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks. 

Honor Steve Jobs

To those who know me, I’m probably one of the most rabid anti-Apple people out there, for many reasons which don’t bear mentioning here.  This about Steve Jobs who, despite my disagreement with his business decisions, forever altered the way that not only computers, but what exactly a computer means (and a mobile) means to us as consumers.

The culture he created, the advent of the app store changed the scene of our gaming medium forever.  While I may not have liked what he did, his innovation and brilliance will be sorely missed.

See you on the next turn of the Wheel, Mr. Jobs.



Wow, crazy couple months

So, between work and school, I have had about zero time to even think about gaming, let alone writing about gaming as a whole.  I’m hoping here in after I’m done with school for the semester (aka – this upcoming friday) I will have more time to start posting again.  Anyway, keep a weather out, guaranteed I’ve got some fun stuff up my sleeve for the summer months.


Via: GoGo WIFI at 38,000 ft.