Google Jumps into MMOs with Ingress

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Google jumps into the gaming arena in a big way.  Announced yesterday, Ingress is Google’s take on the MMO gaming.  Not only MMO gaming, but mobile as well.  And when I say mobile gaming, I really mean mobile.  Details are scarce at the moment, but the game sounds like it’s fairly standard MMO fare, hack and control nodes for more territory–with one exception — you have to actually be in the meatspace (read: physically in the vicinity of the portal) to be able to defend or attack it.

This style of game-play has been tried several times before, with limited success.  The key to widespread adoption is going to be widespread portals to attack, hack and defend, at least in my mind.  If anyone other than Google were trying something of this magnitude, I would be way more suspicious.  But, Google, who knows virtually everything about everyone anyway has the best chance of pulling it off.

The game is still in closed beta and is currently on Android only.  Head on over to the website for more information and to sign up for the beta.  Supposed invites are going out pretty steadily.

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Official Site: Ingress

Google in Talks with Social Game Makers

There’s an article over on ArsTechnica about Google, Inc. talking to some of the biggest name in social game makers — presumably to help with their new social platform which as of yet unnamed, but which there’s some unconfirmed speculation will be called Google Me.  Not much else there at the moment, other than it’s poised to be a competitor to Facebook, but not a Facebook clone.

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Google social gaming service reportedly in the works