Mobile Infamy: Happy Street Review

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Happy Street Review

Happy Street screenshot, from Godzila Labs

Developer: Godzilab Games
Business Model: Free / InApp Purchases for $.99 and Up
Google Play: Happy Street
iTunes: Happy Street
Rating: 2.50 out of 3 Stars 1/2 Awesome-sauce


Happy Street is a unique game for Android and iOS systems. The premise of the game is simple–a young fox named Billy is wandering through the forest and decides that this particular spot would make a good place for a street. You build houses and shops and decorations, and people inexplicably move in, and start driving down your street, which is in the middle of the forest. You earn money from the shops, and restocking the goods in the shops is what grants you experience. Levels in the game are used as a mechanism to lock to certain builds till later in the game, and outside of that has no influence on game play. There’s some minor resource managing, and as with most mobile games, time is your primary resource. Many of the later items in game can take many hours to complete, the only way to speed them up being the in-game premium currency, ‘Flooz’. I’m not sure where they got the name for that. Flooz is also what you have to have expand your street. You start out with just a little stretch of road, and gradually expand it. The cost to expand increases each time. Luckily, you can earn flooz in game without having to purchase it — there are mini-games like a slot machine that you can play once per day that grant you at least one flooz, and visiting friends and helping them also grants you a flooz. So if you have a bunch of friends all playing at the same time (it uses Facebook to find friends), flooz might not be a big deal. If you don’t … you’ll probably end up forking over some cash to progress. Continue reading “Mobile Infamy: Happy Street Review”