Ian Bogost’s The Picnic Spoils the Rain


Ian Bogost, author of the books Persuasive Games and Unit Operations  writes for the Persuasive Games feature on Gamasutra.  I highly recommend you check out some of his past articles if you haven’t already.  Ian Bogost is one of the leading voices in the field of game studies at the moment, and it will definitely behoove anyone who’s interested in the field to take the time to read some of his work.

His most recent article over on Gamasutra is title “The Picnic Spoils the Rain,” and is a critique of the cinematic qualities (or lack thereof) of the dramatized game,  Heavy Rain.  Bogost’s argument is that while Heavy Rain is billed as an “interactive film,” that it doesn’t really have much in common with cinema outside of a few minor similarities. Continue reading “Ian Bogost’s The Picnic Spoils the Rain”