New Rift Lore!

Massively snagged what looks like an exclusive story from Trion on all the new lore for Rift’s upcoming expansion, Storm Legion.  I don’t want to steal their thunder, so if you haven’t already seen what they have to offer, but sure to hit it up ASAP, especially if you are a Rift fan. Right now, Rift is the only game that gets my $15 a month (though Funcom got the $200 for a Lifetime Sub), so I’m really excited about this expansion.

Also – player housing.  For real.  Player.  Housing.  I can’t wait.  I’ve missed player housing since Anarchy Online.

Via: RIFT exclusive: Storm Legion lore bonanza at Massively

Ouya’s First Exclusive Title

Too much freakin news all at once! 

Well, looks like Ouya continues to gain steam as developer Robotoki has just pledged an Ouya exclusive game — The Human Element, a post-zombie-apoloypic game set for release in 2015 according to the update. 

The exclusive part comes in the form of an episode prequel that will be exclusive to the Ouya platform.  The president of the company, Robert Bowling, was one the creative minds behind the Call of Duty franchise before the launch of his own company, Robotoki. 

There’s not a whole lot else to say at this point, other than it seems like the $5million in funding should be going to good use. 

Head over to Ouya to see Update, and Robotoki’s The Human Element website.