Why I left the Church

Recently I was watching Season 2 of Queer Eye on Netflix, and it hit me with all the feels, and made me reflect on my own experiences with the Church. The episode, titled “God Bless Gay” follows the Fab 5 as remake Miss Tammy, a woman who’s given her whole life to her community and her Church. At the end of the episode, Miss Tammy launches into a sermon about love and acceptance and all the guys were sobbing, and I lost it. She is absolutely the best that Christianity has to offer.

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Gamer is a bad word … I mean, what?

Gamer Logo


Gamer Logo

I don’t want to imply that I took offense to Yahtzee’s article entitled, “Don’t Use the Word Gamer,” but I can say that I did vigorously disagree with most of what he said.  The sum up his article, the word “gamer” implies two things – it reinforces a negative stereotype of overweight, neck beards, acne, and smelling faintly of milk.  Second, he says that the concept of “gamer” creates a division where there isn’t one.
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Silicon Sisters’ COO Interview

Silicon Sisters Logo

Over at Ars Technica is a brief interview with the COO of Silicon Sisters’, a Vancouver-based game developer “by women, for women,” Kirsten Forbes. The article is brief and not very detailed in terms of what the developer is working on, but does help shed some light on their vision for the company and what kind niche it hopes to fill in the coming months.

Forbes states within the interview that, “There is no desire Silicon Sisters to exclude males.  There’s just a desire to explicitly include females.”  That’s a pretty important distinction and puts a pretty positive tilt on what the company hopes to achieve–gaming with women in mind, but not at the exclusion of men.  Hit the throwback to read the whole interview.

Silicon Sisters: gamer women for women gamers