My Perrenial Problems with WoW

The New Stormwind

Have you ever tried to go back and re-read the original Dragonlance Chronicles?  It’s rough.  I loved them when I first read them in middle school. They weren’t the first fantasy novels I had read (that honor goes to Magician: Apprentice), but they became part of my hook into the genre. This year, I went back and re-read them during a lull in the book release schedule.

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Big Changes Incoming….

I wanted to let you guys know that I have some changes in-bound.  A new name, a new look, a new platform, the whole shebang.  I should be launching within the next few weeks.  I already have the basic layout of the site down, all the posts imported from here.  

I’m still working on the logo for the new site, the content for the pages and making sure everything on the site makes sense and is easy to navigate.  But overall, I’m pretty excited.  
Why the change?  Well, Blogger is a great starting platform, but as I’ve gone on, there’s a lot that I just can’t seem to get blogger to do that I would really like it to.  It does everything well, but I’d much rather be able to tweak it more, do more with widgets, other layouts, etc etc.  So, I’m moving from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress site.  This will give me more control over the site, allow me to offer up my content better, and hopefully result in a better overall experience for you guys, my readers.  
After I get this last little bit complete, I’ll post an official “we’ve moved” announcement, and I’ll post here at the new site for a couple weeks, just with a notice that Rogue-Gamer will be going the way of the dodo bird.