I just learned a hard lesson ….

So yeah, this amazing thing happened where my host attempted to update WordPress automatically for me … in the process, wiping out my previous install.

yeah …. awesome.


So I have to go and re-do everything because, being the blogging noob I am, I didn’t have a backup set.

Luckily, I only lost 1 post (because of my compulsive double posting).  So I’m not out content, just design.   So I basically now have to go through and re-create the install, from scratch.  Let me tell you how awesome that is (read: not at all).  I’m hoping I can get everything back up and running like it was before soon, but it might take me a while and I plan on working on it a lot over the holiday.  So please be patient with me while I get this all back up and running and categorized and tagged and all that jazz.

Also – Happy Holidays 🙂

Philadelphia Charging Bloggers $300 for Business License

Philadelphia is looking to charge bloggers within the city limits a $300 fee for a Business Privilege License, according to The Escapist.  According to the article, if you have any ads on your site whatsoever, they consider you a business, regardless of how much money you make.  The two bloggers mentioned made less that $100 over a 2 year period in ad revenue.  On top of that, the city is demanding that they make that ad revenue taxable incoming, in addition to their state and federal taxes.

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