Pokemon Conquest – Initial Thoughts

So I picked up Pokemon Conquest on Friday (since I actually managed to find it.)  I had stopped 4-5 other places throughout the week without success to pick it up (along with Theatrhythm, but thats for another day).   Anyway, I started playing the game and I’m probably 3-4 hours in–it’s actually pretty fun, though a little bit shallow at this point in the game — I’m not sure if the gameplay will deepen a bit more as time goes on.

From a pokemon perspective, it’s very much like pokemon lite — not all 600+ pokemon are in the game, instead only a subset of 100 or so.  As you battle other warriors and warlords and wild pokemon, you add their pokemon to your “Gallery,” which is loosely synonymous with the pokedex.

As far as strategy goes, it’s pretty standard far with how pokemon games with the pokemon types being more/less effective against other types.  In the beginning of the game at least, Pokemon Conquest goes out its way to make this easy for you to see.  The first couple kingdoms you conquer all play into this strategy to help drive the point home.

Overall, thus far into the game — it’s pretty fun. At this point, it’s not horribly complicated and the strategy at this point isn’t all that deep, but at only 4 hours in, that could easily change down the line.  At the very least, it’s a good addition to the Pokemon Universe.

Reviewed: Pokemon Conquest

Nintendo Posts Slightly Less Huge Loss – What’s Ahead?

Nintendo posted another loss this year — not as big as last year, but still pretty substantial.  Just shy of 18 billion yen (or $220m USD according to Joystiq) net losses.  Again, substantial but not as bad, and the company does sound hopeful, since their 3DS sales grew 162% and they are no longer selling the systems at a loss.  With the launch of the 3DS XL and the WiiU, Nintendo is poised to make a come-back. 

However, as with any of the Big 3 manufactorers, the hardware will be the deciding factor.  The interest in the 3DS XL is pretty substantial, with the device getting good reviews from bloggers to date and many current 3DS owners planning on the upgrade, plus those brand new sales.  Forecasting sales of the 3DS XL should be a substantial amount of initial sales at the end of the Summer 2012 with the forecasted launch, and I’m sure we can expect to see another spike in sales roughly 2 months later once we hit the Holiday shopping season. 

The WiiU the verdict is still out on.  Currently reviewers seem cautious but hopeful about the platform’s marketability.  The success of the product will likely be determined by the software line-up at launch.  If the software is there to entice people to purchase the platform, the platform will likely sell well.  Nintendo already has a 2 screen proof of concept with the success of the DS, this is simply a larger scale implementation of an idea that already works other places. 

With two huge losses 2 years in a row, Nintendo really needs a solid launch to make the WiiU a success.  The 3DS has sold strongly, and will likely continue to sell, potentially even increase with the 3DS XL launch.  But a slow burn with the WiiU could really damage the company at this point. 

Let’s hope it does well, I really love Nintendo products, and their first party games are hands down, the best of any platform.

Via: Nintendo posts $220 million net loss for first quarter – Joystiq.com

Nintendo drops 3DS price – early adopters rage and giggle

Nintendo finally account a price drop for the DS – a pretty substantial price truth be told.  Starting August 12th, Nintendo will drop the price of their latest handheld from $249 to $169.  Making early adopters (like myself) cringe and rage (I pre-ordered from Amazon)…rage for a few minutes anyway.  For anyone who connects to the Nintendo eShop before August 11th gets 20 free games – 10 free NES Virtual Console games and 10 free GBA games from the Nintendo eStore.

 It’s not 100% clear yet whether these are specific games we are being given for free, or whether we have credit for up to 20 free games (I’m hoping it’s the latter, truth be told).  Anyway, hopefully this will calm down some of the “Nintendo is failing and dying!” BS that’s been flying around, and maybe we can get back to focusing on what a great platform Nintendo has created, and what great things we can do with it.

So, crossing my fingers next for an SDK (slim chance I know, but a man can dream…)

Via USA Today – Nintendo drops price of 3DS to $170