About lvl-42

About lvl-42

80s Brit pop music not withstanding, I came up with the name lvl-42 because games often have levels, and I liked the reference to retro gaming as a whole, and  42 is just the answer to everything.  It’s a blog about all the geek.  Also, I can be pretty liberal with what constitutes geeky. 🙂

The geek must flow.


I’m Andy, technologist (fancy word for someone who works in tech).  My husband tells everyone I have a job like Chandler — no one really knows what I do :p.  I graduated from Allegheny College with a Bachelors in  Rhetorical Theory and I graduated from The New School University School of Public Engagement with a Masters in Media Studies.  My focus was on New and Interactive media–such a social media, video games, interactive story-telling and the like.

I started gaming way back with a game called Stars!.  If I’m being honest it was before then, but that’s the first game I lost myself to.  It had virtually no graphics, and turn-based gameplay–a space empire 4X sim that was deep and complex.  I played campaigns so long that a single turn would sometimes take hours to generate.  It was awesome.  It was just a downhill tumble from there into all things geek.

2 thoughts on “About lvl-42

  1. Hi Drew!
    Just wanted to let you know that Valheru Ascendants is still up and going strong in Anarchy Online! I inherited Presidency in 2007 from Tep and Roman and while I took a break in 2010 to do other things, I returned in 2012 and continued to build.
    I can’t say as I remember you, but Ive been there since 2005, am also a Pittsburgher, and an avid FC/AO gamer. AO was my first MMORPG and Ive not yet found a reason to go to another one 🙂 It celebrates it’s 12 year this month (June 2013), an it would be nice if you would fire her up and say hello to the new VA, see th echanges in game, and tell us some “old timer” stories! I’m quite sure our Org would enjoy that!
    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Cariadast 216 Proud Pres of Valheru Ascendants
    Luckycharmmz 220 Gen of Valheru Ascendants


    1. Hi Laura –

      I don’t know that I recall you either. I haven’t talked to Tep or Vir in years now, but I think back on them fondly. Last I heard, Tep and his wife were out in the mid-West. I vaguely recall another Pittsburgh-er in AO – Emerald? Esmerelda or something like that? Are you her?


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