About lvl-42

80s Brit pop music not withstanding, I came up with the name lvl-42 because games often have levels, and I liked the reference to retro gaming as a whole, and  42 is just the answer to everything.  It’s a blog about all the geek.  Also, I can be pretty liberal with what constitutes geeky. 🙂

The geek must flow.


I’m Andy, technologist (fancy word for someone who works in tech).  My husband tells everyone I have a job like Chandler — no one really knows what I do :p.  I graduated from Allegheny College with a Bachelors in  Rhetorical Theory and I graduated from The New School University School of Public Engagement with a Masters in Media Studies.  My focus was on New and Interactive media–such a social media, video games, interactive story-telling and the like.

I started gaming way back with a game called Stars!.  If I’m being honest it was before then, but that’s the first game I lost myself to.  It had virtually no graphics, and turn-based gameplay–a space empire 4X sim that was deep and complex.  I played campaigns so long that a single turn would sometimes take hours to generate.  It was awesome.  It was just a downhill tumble from there into all things geek.