Plague, Inc. Creator to Give Lectures at CDC


Plague, Inc Banner from Google Play
Plague, Inc Banner from Google Play

A few months ago I did a review of the mobile game, Plague, Inc. and it seems the game continues to impress not only me, but even the folks down at the CDC as the Plague, Inc. creator was invited to give a series of private lectures at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) on the mechanics in game.

Plague, Inc. itself, an Android and iOS game puts you in control of a disease with one goal – wipe out the human race.  As you play, you evolve the disease to make it more deadly, but not too deadly too fast or those pesky humans will pony up, find a cure for your disease and it’s game over.  The game is more of a simulation in disease spreading, and the game’s creator, Jame Vaughan said he made the game as realistic as possible.  Apparently that realism paid off as the CDC reached out to him give a series of lectures at the CDC.

Vaughan, who started the game in 2011 as a hobby as Ndemic Creations, which was just him and 3 freelancers.  The game has enjoyed universal success on both the Android and the iOS platforms, having been downloaded millions of times on each.  Clearly wiping out the human race is something that people are interested in–who knew?  Vaughan hasn’t been resting on his success–he continues to release content updates for the game, the most recent being the Necroa Virus — a.k.a. – Zombie virus.  Not only can you take out the world, you can do it with zombies.

As I said in my review, the game is solid, great fun (if a little scary) and is a definite must-play if you enjoy strategy games.  Besides, how many other game creators get to go to the CDC to talk about their games?  You can find the game on both Google Play and Apple iOS.

Via: The Escapist

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