Original Content is Hard

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 I’m discovering the creating original content for my blog is hard.  Sure, I pitch in on issues that matter to me, and I think should matter to other people.  I try to get the newest, breaking news out as it happens, but I should be real with myself – I do this as a hobby while at wor…home cough.  The chances of me breaking story are about as good as little red riding hood finding out the big bad wolf was coming out of the closet and wanted to play dress up–yeah, probably not going to happen. 

So. I’ve endeavored to create new content.  Stuff not published any place else.  But it’s way harder than it sounds.  What really interests me is the cultural implications of gaming, the media studies of games.  I mean, hell I’m getting my Masters degree in media studies.  But the audience for that kind of thing is pretty small.  By “pretty small” I mean what feels like microscopic.  The few posts I have done have been met with “dude, it’s just a game, don’t take it so seriously.  Who cares?” more often than not. 

Not gonna lie, it’s a little discouraging.  Coupled with the fact that taking high media theory and trying to distill it down to something non-media theorists can read and understand in less than 300 pages is a challenge all in itself.  Needless to say, original content is hard to create. 

I think it’s pretty apparently that this is the case — on all the blogs out there, they generally have the exact same information, with slightly different perspectives.  I can’t be the only one who struggles with creating original content when there’s so much duplication out there–but who knows?

So, I’m going to do the only rational thing to do — keep posting.  Make an effort to write stuff that makes people go, “dude, it’s just a game.  You are reading too much into it.”  And more over, not let that bother me.  I think that part of the reason it’s important to dig into these things is precisely because games get a “pass” as not having any meaning outside of themselves.

I hope I can fix that — or at the very least, give the old college try.  With that, the content will flow – hopefully content people want to read — maybe not everyone, but a few people.  And of course, I’ll still post my thoughts on topics, I’ll still post news I hope that I get it out there before MOST of the blog outlets.  Overall, one must write to create content.  Moreso for original content.

After all, the content must flow.

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