Norway and Video Games

It’s a sad state of the world when a man things that slaughtering children is a necessary act to formulate change in the world.  More than that, his ideological perversion of marxism is chilling to say the least.  I can’t help but think of the movie “Serenity,” when they are talking about the Operative of the Parliment:

Because he’s a believer. He’s intelligent, methodical and devout in his belief that killing River is the right thing to do

I think that’s honestly what scares me most about this guy – he’s a believer.

Anyway, I wanted to write about him briefly in regards to the fact that again, an act of violence, and certain groups are again  blaming the video games.  The uber-evil all-corrupting force of video games, and called for a ban of all violent video games (but ironically, not other violent media, curious …).  At this point, I don’t think that anyone in the know in the game industry didn’t expect it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s in anyway fun to deal with.  It didn’t help that this clearly mentally disturbed individual cited a video game as a great training simulator (*sigh*), but more than that, people seem to be willing to latch on to this one thing that he says, and ignore the fact that he’s a couple hammer blows to head short of a Looney Toon cartoon.  In the same breathe, use that exact justification to ignore everything else he says.

People make my head hurt.

Anyway, GamePolitics ran a couple of articles I don’t feel the need to repeat wholesale, but go check them out. In reality, this whole thing makes horrendously sad.  And upset that such a clearly crazy man apparently had the foresight to give people an easy scapegoat in this heinous act.  Because, you know, no one goes crazy on their own – that’s what video games are for.  (/endsarcasm)

Edit: Spelling erros

ACL Calls for Ban on Games in Wake of Norway Massacre
Norwegian Killer’s Manifesto Mentions Modern Warfare 2 as ‘Training Simulator’

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