Supreme Court Decision Expected Today

Update: Supreme Court upheld the lower courts ruling in a 7-2 decision.  I’m currently reading the opinion and I’ll post a summary as soon as I’m done.  

Exciting Day!

According to the Huff-Po, SCOTUS is supposed to release their decision on EMA vs. Schwarzenegger.  I’m excited, I wrote a 20 page review of the failed video game legislature for a grad class, so I think I know the result of the ruling, but it’ll be nice to see the actual response.

Originally heard by SCOTUS in November 2010, the legislation tries to make it illegal to sell ‘ultra-violent’ video games to minors.  The bill is riddled with problems, but being unconstitutionally vague to attempting to apply obscenity law to media and violence, which every previous failed legislation has tried and failed to enact.  Check out Joystiq for a quick over-view.

Check the Huff-Po and I’ll update this as soon as I hear the result.

Supreme Court Violent Video Games   via. HuffPo

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