Why I dislike Sony

Among my friends I’m known as an anti-fanboy for anything PlayStation related.  It’s not that I’m a fanboy for the other systems (though I enjoy both my Xbox and my Wii) and it’s not that PlayStation doesn’t have some great games that I’d love to play, it’s just that I hate Sony.  At least, the PlayStation division of Sony — the rest of it, I’m fine with.

Anyway, there’s an opinion piece over at IndustryGamers.com, “Sony Blazing Trails of Following the Herd” that urged me to write my own rantings–check it out over there.

Mostly this is because of SCEA’s overwhelming arrogance seemingly brought on by the wild-fire success of the PS2.  The number of times that they have made statements and then done a complete 180, completing forgetting that they intoned the rumble packs were a thing of the past, or that motion control was just a fad.  Their complete unwillingness to acknowledge great innovative leaps that other two console manufacturers made just makes Sony seem like a petulant little kids who want to think they are better than everyone else.

That’s not to that there isn’t copying and piggy-backing of ideas across the Big 3.  It’s pretty clear with the Wii’s success that motion control is something that’s going to be around for a while, and the DS’s runaway success, in conjunction with the iPhone/Touch/iPad trio show that capacitive input is the way of the future.  Just Sony – I dunno, at the root of it, Sony irks me.

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