The Walking Dead – AMC Trailer

The Walking Dead - Rick

The Walking Dead - Rick

I get what some might consider to be an unhealthy amount enjoyment of Zombies. I think the first zombie movie to really scare me would have to be the 2004 edition of “Dawn of the Dead” directed by Rob Zombie.  I wrote a final paper in a class about the movie and must have watched it 20-30 times, so it’s lost a little bit of the “HOLY SH*T THEY CAN RUN!!!!!” magic it first had.  But I’ll not forget the first time I watched it at a friend’s house at midnight, and then had to trek back alone on the 2-mile walk at 2am in the dark.  That was probably the most frightening walk of my life.

Since then, I’ve only become more and more interested in zombies and so-called zombie culture.  A few months ago, one of my friends who shares my enthusiasm for the undead lent me the first volume of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead“, a graphic novel.  I was a little skeptical, seeing as I’ve never been one for comic books.  But it definitely hooked me.

Now that AMC is producing a series based on the graphic novels, I’m pretty geeked out.  It looks great thus far and has some fairly prestigious names attached to it, so as long as AMC doesn’t find a way to eff it up (It premieres on Halloween, which is probably the best idea ever), I think it’ll be one to remember for a quite while.

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