Who Knew SimCity Could be Frightening?

Maybe it’s just a combination of the music and the minimalist videos, but the video the man, Vincent Ocasla, who  “beat” SimCity 3000 by getting a population of 6 million people is horrifying.  I stumbled across this over on Vice, which has the Youtube video about it as well as an interview with guy who created this dystopian horror–and it took years to create.  This is probably one of the most frightening things I’ve seen related to gaming.  The irony of it is that it’s based on a game that almost no one would consider scary … in the least.

While I am a SimCity fan, it’s been a while since I’ve tried my hand at managing a city (but I rocked Pharaoh back in the day).  Essentially, what Ocasla did is plan out how to build the “Perfect” city, but perfect in that creepy, “we are all robots” kind of way.  I don’t want to ruin the inherent creepiness of the video, so def. hit the jump and take the 5 minutes to watch it.

via The Totalitarian Buddhist who Beat SimCity

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